I'm Elizabeth and I am a hand sewing specialist. I teach different sewing techniques in both fabric and leather.

I make bespoke belts and bags, though I am often asked to work on a variety of projects. My training at the Royal School of Needlework gave me the foundation on which I have built my practice today. 


Visit me during Bucks Art Weeks 2021

We are exhibitng in St. Nicholas Church Kingsey, HP178LY. We are open for all three weekends of Bucks Art Weeks, which starts on 12th June, 11am to 5pm.

Here are the dates: 12th & 13th June, 19th & 20th June, 26th & 27th June

Free parking is signposted as you enter the village. We have refreshments, outside seating, a 'woodland wonder' and eight fabulous artists in the church. Painting, weaving, photography, glass and leather are all respresented. Our artists are experts in their field and interesting to talk to.

Entry is free, you don't have to buy anything, though the proceeds from refreshment sales are donated to the church. Without the support of the church wardens and the PCC it would not be possible to exhibit.

Please bring and wear your facemask in the church.

Teacher + Maker + Designer

For leather and textile goods

Would you like to :

  • Learn a new skill in leather work? Have a look at my courses and join me for a class. I also offer private tuition for individuals and groups. Private tuition is tailored to you.
  • Commission me to make something for you? Maybe a belt or a bag? I create all my own patterns and can also get leather and fabric printed with a design that is unique to you. 

Check out my social links to see more of my makes. I am often asked to undertake a wide variety of projects and realise that the level of my sewing expertise puts me in a privileged position to work on some very special items.

A little more on my background.

I passionately believe that making has a power, something that is really fundamental to human beings. I think this connection has got slightly lost in today's modern living. It is my mission to get everyone in touch with their inner maker, however that may look.

I started my career as a mental health nurse and in 2003 I gained a place at the Royal School of Needlework, studying on their three-year apprenticeship. I learnt how to stitch anything with high levels of expertise. After graduation I wanted to continue this drive for high standards and spent some time looking into other creative areas.

I saw a flyer for a belt making course in August 2010. This caught my imagination - the chance to make a belt that fitted me properly.  The teacher, Lesley, showed me how to rivet and even better, how to hand stitch belts that fitted me. Well, that was it. Working with leather seemed a natural progression, demanding excellence and skill, so I set about learning the knowledge and techniques I would need. Belts led to bags, to gloves, moulded leather and then on to shoes. You can never have too many accessories!

Sharing my skills with others has always been important to me. I have taught in large venues like the British Museum, at local arts centres and around many kitchen tables. With refreshments and biscuits you can achieve anything. 

Chickety Chicken Part 1

Chickety Chicken Part 2